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Temp save Microsoft office files
Temp save Microsoft office files

Apply temp save to Microsoft Office files in the Room.

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ℹ️This feature is only accessible to Admins.

Temp save is a Security control which can be applied to a Team or Sub-team’s PDF and Microsoft Office files. It allows Admins to control whether people can save files. 

When files with Save security controls are downloaded, they ping the Rights Management Server to verify access rights. 

It's called temp save because the files are only accessible temporarily, will become inaccessible when one of the following conditions are met, whichever comes first:

  • access to the file is denied and revoked

  • the Save security control is disallowed

  • the person is disabled from the Room

  • the Room is disabled

When either of those occur, the person will receive a notification indicating that the file has expired.

⚠️Good to know: Given that Microsoft Office files are typically ‘working files’ that are designed to allow for further editing and modification, this feature can have practical implications for your deal that should be considered before choosing to apply them. Learn more about Secure Office requirements here.

Activate temp save

Admins can apply Temp save by creating or modifying a Team’s Security settings.

1. Go to the Left menu. Under Manage, select either Sell side or Buy side.

⚠️Good to know: The wording on the internal and external tabs for managing Teams/people under the Left menu change based on the Room’s transaction type. Learn more here.

2. Find the Team/Sub-team that you want to edit. 

3. Select the Item menu next to the Team/Sub-team. Then select Edit security.

4. Select ON for Security controls if they aren’t activated.

⚠️Good to know: If the Security controls are turned off the files are unsecured.

5. Changed the desired settings under Access and Security controls.

6. Select Save.

This chart outlines what people can do with Allow editing turned on and off.

⚠️Good to know: By default Secure Office is turned off. To activate Secure Office you can follow these steps. If Secure Office has been activated  at the Room-level, this can be turned on/off for individual Teams and Sub-teams. The below image shows what Secure Office looks like when it has been activated for a Team.

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