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Update welcome message
Update welcome message

Edit the Get Started welcome message which appears on the login screen and also on the left navigation menu in the Room.

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ℹ️This feature is only available to Admins.

Everyone in the Room can view the Get Started message. It is a customizable message designed to provide tips and contact details. By default it's called Get Started or Welcome Message and is displayed on the login screen and in the left menu.

To edit the message or settings, or disable the message altogether follow these steps:

  1. Go to the Left menu. Under Manage select Settings.

2. Scroll down to the Welcome message section. You have the option to change:

  • if it appears or not

  • where it appears: on the login screen and / or in the Left menu

  • the message, including the title it's referred to in the menu

  • the formatting

3. Make the changes you require.

4. Select Save at the bottom of the page.

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