AiQ Smart Sort

Let the Room sort your documents automatically for you.

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ℹ️This feature is only accessible to Admins and Publishers.

The Bulk upload tool uses AI powered technology to recognize and determine your file order based on dates or a different range of combinations. Learn more about our Bulk upload tool here.

Our AiQ Smart Sort will organize your files for you based on the following patterns:

  • Q2-2019, Q2/2019, Q2_2019 or Q2 2019

  • Q2-FY19, Q2/FY19, Q2_FY19 or Q2 FY19

  • April-2019, April/2019, April_2019 or April 2019

  • Apr-2019, Apr/2019, Apr_2019 or Apr 2019

  • 20 04 2019

⚠️Good to know: This feature is only available to Rooms that have not gone live with their first Guest login. 

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