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Procure: How to submit and download your submission
Procure: How to submit and download your submission

How to submit and download your submission

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The submission tool allows you to prepare and submit all of the relevant documents during the Procurement process.

Submission Upload

1. Receive email indicating the submission period for the procure room has begun.

2. Go to Manage Submissions tab and start to upload your submission to the relevant folders.

  • Click the triple line button next to the folder

  • Select Add folder, Add document or Bulk upload

  • All added documents are automatically submitted. You have until the close of the submission window to make changes

  • You could double check the document count which is displayed next to submission status

⚠️Good to know: Please ensure items are unchecked to access the File Upload dialog.

3. The submission confirmation receipt email is not sent with every upload as content may still change and your system may detect it as spam and block future notification emails. Once the Submission window has ended, an email confirmation will be sent to all Bidders with an Excel log of all files uploaded for reference.

Submission Download

  1. To download Submission documents, simply select the folders / documents you'd like to download.

  2. Click on Download button.

  3. A zip file will be downloaded (usually this will be your downloads folder), extract the zip file to access the documents.

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