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Data Storage Locations
Data Storage Locations

Now you can keep your data exactly where you need it to be

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⚠️This must be selected before the room has been created. Once the location is set it can't be altered. By default all data is stored in Sydney, Australia.

In keeping with strict and fast-changing data privacy laws, when creating a new Data Room, we’re offering users a choice for where their at-rest documentation is stored.

Full compliance with the laws of your region, plus the expertise and reach of a global company.

Current Storage locations;

  • Australia, Sydney

  • Canada, Montreal

  • Germany, Frankfurt

  • Indonesia, Jakarta

  • Ireland, Dublin

  • Norway, Oslo

  • Saudi Arabia, Jeddah

  • Singapore

  • South Africa, Cape Town

  • South Africa, Johannesburg

  • Switzerland, Zurich

  • United Arab Emirates, Dubai

  • United Kingdom, London

  • United States, Northern California

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