1. Go to the Evaluation tab, Click on Add criterion to set up your evaluation criteria in the top right hand corner of your screen

add criterion

2. Fill in your details for your Criterion

add criterion




Criterion Name

What do you want to call this Criterion

Parent Criterion


does the Criterion live? (ie within another criterion)

The highest level is 'Bidder Summary' You can create a criterion inside an existing criterion

Criterion Description

What do you want to inform the evaluators about this criterion

Criterion Guide

Attach a document to supplement the description


How do you want evaluators to score this criterion

Option for 1-10 or Pass/Fail


Percentage of this criterion score

Response sections

Feedback categories for your evaluator's notes

eg. Strengths / Weaknesses. This is a free text field.


Evaluators provide individual reports for selected criterion

Evaluation Lead

Evaluation lead provides a summary report per criterion


Observers can view reports but can't take any action

Hot tip: You can add criterion like subfolders so that you have a parent folder and different levels of criterion within that, simply click on the menu button and Add Criterion.

5. Follow this guide to add documents to evaluate

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