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How to set up Guest user registration
How to set up Guest user registration

Enable the ability for Guests to register interest in your next project.

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Guest user registration allows you to send a link to multiple different parties, or embed the link on your website, to register their interest in your next project. The administrator then has the ability to verify or deny the access.

ℹ️ This can only be actioned by an Administrator of the room.

To enable this, follow the steps below;

1. Go to the Manage Buy Side/Bidder section

2. Select Actions in the top right and click Enable registrations

3. This will create a new team called Guest user registration

4. Go to the three dots and select copy registration link

5. Copy the provided link and email it, allowing people to register.

Once this has been completed, Guests will be able to register their interest by filling out the form on the link.

All registrations will then appear in the team, this is where the administrator can accept, deny or delete the registration.

Accept registration

If you accept the registration you will be able to;

  • Assign a Q&A role

  • Assign to the relevant team

  • Set team permissions

  • Send invitation

If you decline or delete the registration the user will not gain access to the room.

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