1. Select Users > App Users


2. Select Add new user


3. Select New Ansarada Board User

4. Enter the mandatory User details

  • First Name

  • Last Name

  • Mobile Number

  • Company Employee ID

  • Email Address

Optional: Select Add Photo to select an image to upload.

Images should be:

  • Greater than 40 px x 40 px

  • Preferably square

5. Username will be pre-filled with the user's email address.


If the username/email address is already taken - Username (Failed), please enter a different address.


6. Select Board Membership

Add the user to one or more boards, you can edit this at any time.

7. Select Save and Close

The new user will receive a Welcome Email with their login details.

8. Finalise User Registration

You'll be notified via email when your new user has registered their account and it's ready to be finalized.

9. A task will appear on the home dashboard - click the "Finalise" button to finalize the account.


Your new app user will be notified via email when the process is complete and they can log in.

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