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How to view and open your meeting binders

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⚠️Good to know: A Binder refers to a collection of agenda items for a board or committee meeting.

Sorting Binders

Binder tiles indicate the number of items in a binder and the binder status – if an item is new, updated, read or expiring.

Select Sort to order your binders by Date, Name or Item Count.

To group binders by month and year, toggle Group by month / year ON.

Current, Previous and Archived

Binders will be sorted in to the Current, Previous and Archived tabs based on the rules set by your administrator.

Select a tab to see the binders in that group.

Each binder will also have a status tag, these tags are:


You have not opened this binder.


You have opened this binder and viewed the agenda.


Your administrator has published an update to one or more items in this binder.


This binder will be removed from your device after the expiry date.

Viewing Meeting Details

To view the meeting details for a binder, select the binder thumbnail:

  1. Meeting Date and Time

  2. Meeting Location

    Select View on map to see directions to the meeting location.

    Select the VC link to open the corresponding app:

    Select the external link to open in a browser:

  3. Attendees - Board or Committee members (Ansarada Board users) that are attending the meeting.

  4. Invitees - Non-Ansarada Board users that will also be attending the meeting.

Viewing the Meeting Agenda

Select Open Binder to view the Meeting Agenda:

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