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Each Binder contains a list of agenda items relevant to that meeting.

Select Open Binder to view the Meeting Agenda:

Reading the Agenda

1. Download Progress / Item Status

When the agenda is opened the items will show their progress as they begin to download:

Item has not downloaded

Item is downloading

Item has finished downloading

Item has failed to download - select to retry

Once downloaded, the item status will show which items have been:

Downloaded but not read (blue)

Read (green)

Updated (purple)

2. Item Number

Items are numbered to reflect the order of the meeting discussion.

3. Annotated Signed / Voted

Reflects if an item has been annotated, a resolution has been signed or a vote has been cast.

4. Item Type

Reflects the type of a meeting item:

  • Minutes - A document containing the minutes of the previous meeting.

  • Meeting - A document.

  • Resolution - A document that requires a signature from the reader.

  • Vote - A question or decision that requires an answer from the reader.

  • Video - A video file.

5. Timing

Indicates the time allocated to the item, this varies according to item type:

  • Minutes, Meeting - the time allocated in the meeting to discuss the item.

  • Resolution - the date the resolution must be signed by.

  • Vote - The date a vote submission is required by.

  • Video - The length of the video.

  • Header - The total time allocated to the section or group of items under the header.

6. Progress Bar colour

The colour of the corresponding progress bar tab for the item in the Reader View.

7. Unpublished items

If the document attachment for an agenda item has not yet been published, it cannot be opened.

Headers and sub-items

Items grouped under a Header will appear in a collapsible group.

Select the item to expand or collapse the group.

Item Indicators

Items showing the gavel icon will require a decision to be made at the meeting.

Select and hold an agenda item to see who will be presenting it at the meeting.

Search the Agenda

Items in a binder can be searched for key words or phrases.

To search for an item, select the Search Bar, enter a key word or phrase and hit Enter.

Items matching your search criteria will appear in the item list.

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