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How to read and navigate through your meeting agenda documents

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There are a number of ways to navigate through your meeting binder and documents.


Select the agenda button to view the agenda while reading a document.

Select an item to switch to it.

To pin the agenda to the left of the screen, toggle Show agenda next to content on from display preferences:

Progress Bar

The Progress Bar shows your position in relation to the current document, and the entire agenda.

Each Binder Item is indicated by a coloured tab. Items are also numbered.

Tabs that are greyed out are either hidden from you or have not been downloaded.

Select a tab to jump to the agenda item.

The pin indicates your position in the current document / binder.

Documents with annotations are indicated by a white dot.

Long press the current item tab in the progress bar to view a page thumbnail.

You can hide or show the progress bar by selecting the progress bar button:


Enter search criteria to see matching results in the current document.


Have your document read to you using text-to-speech.


Save pages to return to later.

Bookmarks will appear in the Thumbnail and Outline View.

Thumbnail View

Outline View

This view contains a list of bookmarked or annotated pages.

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