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Gantt Chart View in Workflow
Gantt Chart View in Workflow

How to utilise the Gantt chart as an overview for your progress

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When using Workflow, you now have the ability to visualise your progress using a Gantt chart!

How It Works

Step 1: Add column > Date range

ℹ️ Only dates provided in this column type will surface up in the Gantt chart view.

Step 2: Add dates

ℹ️ Only tasks with at least one date (start, end, or both) will be visible on the Gantt chart. If a task does not have a date set, it will not be visible on the chart.

Step 3: Toggle to Gantt chart view

ℹ️ All tasks are displayed on a single Gantt chart, meaning if tasks from different tabs have a date range, they will be displayed on the Gantt via the expandable menu header. Dates can be edited by dragging the coloured bars in this view.

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