Select Company Settings:

Company Info & Branding

Add your company logo and edit your company details, these will be included in any binder or minutes exports.

Screen Timeout

Select the time to wait before the portal is logged out due to inactivity:

Current to Previous handling

Select a rule to determine when binders will be moved from Current to Previous:

Days After Meeting

X days after the binder meeting date.

Board Year End

After the selected Year End date.

End of Financial Year

After the selected End of Financial Year date.

End of Calendar Year

After the End of the Calendar Year ie. 31 December.

⚠️ Good to know:

  • Once a binder is moved to Previous it will be read-only.

  • The binder cannot be moved back to the Current tab.

  • By default, Current binders will be moved to Previous at the end of the Calendar Year.

  • Any binders that meet the rule will be moved to Previous overnight.

After editing settings, select Save:

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