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Board - Document Conversion and Verification

How to convert documents to PDF and verify the converted result

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Document Conversion

File Types

The following file types can be added as a binder item or file and will automatically convert to PDF:

  • Word (.docx)

  • Excel (.xlsx)

    • Data from linked tables may not appear.

  • Powerpoint (.pptx)

    • Linked/copied and pasted Excel tables may not appear

Please ensure files are not protected by a password or other security method. For more information, see Protected Documents.

Document Verification

Any documents converted to PDF must be verified before a binder can be saved. To remove verification for converted documents, edit your Profile settings as below

1. To verify a converted document, select Requires Verification - Click here

2. Select Accept to accept the converted document, or Reject to reject and delete the document

If there are multiple documents to verify, select Next to verify the next document:

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