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How to create minutes and edit them during and after your meeting

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1. Select the Board or Committee of the minutes

2. Select Minutes section from the Boards/Committees tab

3. Select Create new minutes

3. Select to create blank minutes (1), copy details from an existing binder (2), or from existing minutes (3)

Add meeting details

⚠️ Good to know: Meeting details will be pre-filled if copied from a binder or existing minutes.

Add the meeting name (required):

Select the meeting date (required):

Select the meeting time (required) in 24 hour format (HH:MM):

Add the meeting location (optional):

This can be a street address, meeting room or external link eg. Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Add Attendees and Apologies

⚠️ Good to know:

  • Attendees will be pre-filled if copied from a binder or existing minutes.

  • Attendees must be a member of the Board the minutes are created in.

Select a user to add them as an Attendee

If an Attendee has sent their apologies, tick the Attendee, then drag them into the Apologies column

Select meeting Invitees

An Invitee is an external attendee that has been invited to attend the meeting.

To add an invitee type their name and select Add invitee

Add Agenda items

⚠️ Good to know: Attendees will be pre-filled if copied from a binder or existing minutes.

Select Add agenda item

Add an item name

Add the item duration in HH:MM (optional)

Add minutes against the item

Select Edit to open the text editor

The style toolbar offers a range of options including text styles, bullets and numbering

To save your changes select the tick

To re-open the text editor, select the note icon

Order, Indent or Delete Items

Drag and drop items to reorder them

To indent items, first check them, then select Add Indent from the Actions pane

To delete items, first check them, then click Delete from the Actions pane:

Add Actions

To add an action, select Add Action

Enter the action description

Add a reference to an agenda item (optional)

Select one or more assignees

If the assignee isn't an Ansarada Board user, you can enter their name manually by selecting Enter Name

Select OK to save the action:

Actions will appear in the Actions List

To edit or delete the action select More

Save and close

To save your minutes for later editing, select Save and Close

Preview Minutes

To preview the minutes export, select Open Preview

The preview window will open

Select Export to download your minutes in Word (.docx) format

Select Download to download your minutes in PDF format

Publish Minutes

To view the available publish options, select Publish Options:

Send for Review - Send minutes to app users for feedback

Add to Binder - Mark minutes as final and add to a selected binder

Export - Mark minutes as final and export as a PDF or Word (.docx) file

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