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Board - View Minutes review feedback and make edits
Board - View Minutes review feedback and make edits

How to view feedback submitted by minutes reviewers and make updates to minutes

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Once minutes have been sent for review, the reviewers button will show how many reviewers have submitted their feedback:

Feedback received from reviewers can be viewed when editing minutes.

Open minutes from the For Review tab:

Select Drafts next to the minutes agenda list:

The latest revision will be displayed first, previous revisions can also be selected:

Select "O" to view the original document:

Select a reviewer to view their feedback:

Edits can be made side-by side with the Drafts pane open:

To close the Drafts pane, select Exit Drafts:

Save and close

To save your minutes for later editing, select Save and Close:

Preview Minutes

To preview the minutes export, select Open Preview:

The preview window will open:

Select Export to download your minutes in Word (.docx) format:

Select Download to download your minutes in PDF format:

Publish Minutes

To view the available publish options, select Publish Options:

Send for Review - Send minutes to app users for feedback

Add to Binder - Mark minutes as final and add to a selected binder

Export - Mark minutes as final and export as a PDF or Word (.docx) file

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