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TriLine: Transfer (Move) a Risk Treatment
TriLine: Transfer (Move) a Risk Treatment
Written by Christina Pan
Updated over a week ago

You can transfer a Treatment (and its associated history if it exists) to another Risk to save time, or to restructure your data.

Note: Before transferring a Treatment, check that the ‘Actioned By’ Position(s) has at least ‘View’ Record Security Rights to the target Risk record. Otherwise, you will need to assign another ‘Actioned By’ Position who has these rights.

  1. Access the Risk list page.

  2. Click on a Risk record in the list to open the The ‘Risk’ page. Click the Treatments tab. Click the Transfer this Treatment icon 1 of the record to be moved.

  3. The Transfer Treatment window displays. Select the target Risk from the ‘To’ 1 drop-down list.

  4. A preview list of the existing Treatments for that Risk is displayed. This allows you see if a similar Treatment 1already exists for this Risk. Click the Transfer icon 2 to complete the move. (Or, click the Cancel icon 3 to abandon the move.)

  5. The transferred Treatment will no longer appear in this Treatment list. The target Risk Treatment List contains the Treatment at the end of the list.

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