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Manage your template library
Manage your template library

Manage template libraries in Workflow to help your team get started in seconds.

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ℹ️ You will need to have a template saved or be an administrator or publisher of an existing template library to use this feature.

To manage your existing Workflow templates and access privileges to the library:

1. On the Workflow tab, click + Add and choose Manage Templates.

2. Select the library you want to manage.

A new window will open with your template library. From this page you can:

  • Add a new template from scratch.

    To find out how to upload an existing Workflow into your template library, click here.

  • Make changes to existing templates by selecting the individual template.

    Selecting a template to amend will open a new window where you will be able to make changes with the same interface as the existing workflow tab in a deal room.

  • Add users to be able to access the template library with granular access privileges.

    ℹ️ You will need to be a library administrator to use this feature.

    Click Your users on the LHS navigation panel, then click + Add to add users to access the template library.

    A summary of the available template library roles can be found below:

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