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Commenting in the Details Panel of Workflow
Commenting in the Details Panel of Workflow

Comment in the Details Panel, @mention people to ask questions or send reminders for streamlined project management.

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Follow these steps to comment on any item in the Workflow Details Panel.

Please note that these comments in the Details Panel exist only within the Details Panel and will not be displayed in the table view of Workflow.

1. Once you have the Details Panel open, the comment section will be displayed at the bottom of the panel.

2. Type in any comments you would like to add to that item, and use @(Person's name) to tag them if you wish to notify them. Once you press Add comment, your comment will be added, and if any user was tagged, they will receive an email notification like the image below.

3. The View comment button will bring the notified user to the item with the Details Panel open. Comments by default are marked as 'Open', and users can 'Resolve' the comment by pressing the Resolve button under the comment. Users can also Reply to the comment, or add a comment of their own to this item.

4. If you are the author of the comment, you may also Reply to, or Resolve the comment. Additionally, comment authors may also Edit or Delete the comment, which by selecting an option from below the comment.

⚠️Good to know: Any user who has access to the Workflow tab will be able to view comment in the Details Panel, however only users with Edit or Manage permissions will be able to comment.

If the user does not have permissions to see other members (Publisher or Limited Viewer role), the comment author's name will appear as 'Unknown user'.

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