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Procure: Change Disclosure Level in two-way Q&A
Procure: Change Disclosure Level in two-way Q&A

Internal Main Contact can change the disclosure level of a disclosed question in two-way Q&A.

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ℹ️ This Action is accessible to Internal main contacts.

⚠️Good to know: The answer is disclosed to the Question author's team by default.
Internal main contact could change the answer disclosure level by exporting the Q&A into excel, refer the steps here.

To change the disclosure level of a question in the Room, follow the steps below:

1.Go to the Left Menu. Under View, select Q&A.

2. Select the Question with status "Answer disclosed by Internal Main Contact"

3. Select Undisclosed last answer

4. After the last answer is undisclosed, it will be returned back into the Internal Main Contact with the status "Awaiting your action only" . You could then re-disclose the answer and select the disclosure level

5. Under Actions, select Disclose Answer.

6. Select the Disclosure level.
⚠️Good to know: If the Question and Answer is disclosed to all data room users by the Internal main contact, only the bidders (Guests) in the same Team will be able to see the identity of the author. Learn more here.

  • Question author's user group

  • All data room users

7. Select Disclose Answer.

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