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Collaboration on Workflow between internal and external team
Collaboration on Workflow between internal and external team

How the internal team can collaborate in Workflow with the external team.

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This feature can help share highly confidential information in a safe way to collaborate with external teams. The sell-side/internal users can designate a workflow tab as “external” by selecting any number of buy-side/external teams that can access it with granular security permissions.


  1. The admin can click on ‘Share’

    2. Share dialogue appears in the middle

    3. Admin can provide the external team with Edit, View or Manage access to the tab.

The warning message will appear in the footer to note that External Teams can access the Workflow tab.

Once an external workflow tab is shared with an external team, the internal admin can still change the team’s level of access. It can also be modified or removed by users with manage permissions.

External users have all the relevant view/edit rights as other workflow users once they are invited into a collaborative workflow

4. Action is saved. Confirmation message appears on the bottom right hand side to note action has been saved.

5. If the admin goes back to check the settings it will show that the tab has been shared with the external team

6. Once access has been granted, the external users will receive an email advising of the access to the Workflow tab.

Good to know:

  • Users in the external team can only assign tasks to their own team and sub-team people.

  • The internal team users can assign tasks to the external team; please be aware the identity details will show who assigned the task.

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