Board - Annotation Sharing by Users

Users can now share the annotations with their colleagues, creating a more collaborative and transparent environment.

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Users can share the documents annotation by following the steps below:

  1. Add annotations to the document

  2. Once you have added your annotations, click on Sharing icon on the top right side within the settings

    ⚠️Good to know: All annotations from the document are shared

  3. To share your annotations with other users', simply choose the individuals and click Share. Please note that the users can only share annotations with other users (attendees and recipients) who have access to the exact same documents.

  4. After sharing the annotations with other users, you will receive an alert confirming the successful sharing. A device notification will also be sent upon receiving annotations shared with you.

    ⚠️Good to know: Shared annotations cannot be edited, just viewed. Please note that we do not support sharing notes and annotation sharing if you are running the iOS version on the iPhone due to screen size limitations.

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