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Learn more on how to add your process flow with Ansarada Operational Resilience.

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Process flow refers to series of steps or activities in a business operation, depicting the end-to-end journey of a task or service within a firm. It is visualised through flowcharts to show the steps, decision points, and interactions involved in the process.

Add Process Flow

  1. Navigate to the Important business services tab.

  2. Select the specific Important business services.

  3. Navigate to Critical processes.

  4. Scroll down to Process flow section to Start mapping out your plan to reduce harm as a flow chart.

Scenario 1: Default View - no condition

  1. The default view has the 'Condition' box unchecked and the 'the result is another critical process' box checked.

  2. Select the appropriate originating process from the dropdown list.

  3. If the 'the result is another critical process' box is checked, select the resulting process from the drop down list

  4. If the 'the result is another critical process' box is unchecked, enter a brief description on the resulting outcome.

  5. Click Done.

Scenario 2: Adding a Condition

  1. To add a condition to the process flow, simply tick the Condition box.

  2. Enter the condition in the text field and include both the process or outcome for both 'yes' and 'no' conditions.

  3. Click Done.

Add or Delete Process Flow

ℹ️ Users can only add or delete a flow from the last process card

  • To add another flow in the process, click the Add button in the hamburger menu of the last process card.

  • To delete a flow, click the Delete button in the hamburger menu and delete the process from right to left. A confirmation message will appear.

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