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Add custom material issues

Add additional themes, issues and topics to customise the materiality assessment to your industry before sending it out to stakeholders.

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⚠️Good to know: When adding material issues to the Ansarada Materiality Assessment you are required to select the relevant framework, as well as enter the material issue ID used by your chosen framework.

👉 Click here to read more on material issue IDs and where to find them.

1. Navigate to the Material Issues tab

2. Click Add on the top right hand side of the Material Issues page

3. Add a new material theme

  • Select the Pillar (Environmental / Social / Governance)

  • Theme Name (i.e. "Climate Change")

  • Choose an industry

  • Add any internal notes (if applicable)

  • Click Save as draft

4. Add issue and topics

  • Once back on the Material Issues tab, click Add issue and topics.

  • Complete the following to add a new material issue within the theme:

    • Material issue name (i.e. Carbon Emissions)

    • Choose the framework

    • Enter the ID number assigned by the framework

      👉 Click here to read more on material issue IDs and where to find them.

    • Enter a description for the issue

    • Add material topic(s) related to this issue

ℹ️ Note: You can save the issue / topic(s) as a draft, or save and publish if you're ready to publish in new Materiality Assessments.

6. Save as Draft

  • Preview the material theme/issues/topics added by expanding the sections.

  • While the theme is in draft, you can add any other material issues or material topics from the Material Issues tab.

7. Save and publish

  • When you're ready to publish, you can publish the theme or the individual issues.

  • Click on the action icon next to the theme or issue, and click Save and publish.

  • Preview the theme / issue(s), and click Save and publish

ℹ️ Note: Once saved and published, the new material theme / issue / topics added will appear in new Materiality Assessments.

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