Create materiality assessment link

Administrators can create an assessment link and share it with internal and external stakeholders

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Create a link from your materiality assessment and send it to your stakeholders using your company email address for a more personalized invitation.

How to create materiality assessment link

  1. Navigate to the Assessment tab.

  2. In the header, click Get a Link.

  3. Choose the assessment you want to create a link for.

  4. You can create an email template for sending the link, select View sample email to copy the text to your email.

  5. Click Copy Link to save it to your clipboard.

  6. Paste the link in your email or your preferred method to invite stakeholders to complete the assessment.

  7. Click Done.

ℹ️ Note: Stakeholders can forward the invitation link to others.

👉 Click here to learn more on how to accept response from uncategorized stakeholders.

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