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Ansarada GRC: Insights Lite - Jan 2024
Ansarada GRC: Insights Lite - Jan 2024

Two new dashboards released within the Insights module.

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We partner with Microsoft to embed PowerBI into the Ansarada GRC solution which allows GRC users to streamline their reporting seamlessly. See this page for more information.

Introducing four new dashboards in Insights module

As part of our ongoing efforts to improve the user experience and provide valuable insights, we have released four new dashboards within the Insights module. These dashboards are designed to help you better understand and manage your risks, tasks and events within the GRC solution.

1. Risk Trends dashboard

The Risk Trends dashboard highlights any recent changes to your firm's risk framework. This would then be the focal point of any regular risk board meetings where you can discuss what is going well and what isn't. This usually takes the form of changes to the risk score and/or risk appetite.

The Risk Trends dashboard will show:

  • Risks that have had a recent score/rating change

  • Risks where the ‘Trend’ field has been updated

  • Risks where the Appetite has changed

  • Compare the current risk matrix to any previous month

  • View change in score/rating/trend/appetite over time

2. Tasks Completed dashboard

The Tasks Completed dashboard offers a retrospective analysis of performance metrics related to a crucial aspect of the GRC solution. It enables managers and team leaders to assess the timeliness of task completion among team members, identifying top performers and areas for improvement.

The Tasks Completed dashboard provides clear statistics on tasks completed on the platform. This includes:

  • Number of tasks completed within a defined time frame

  • How many of those tasks went overdue

  • Tasks split by module

  • Task volume by month

  • Tasks completed by person

  • ‘Task Champions’ (best performers based % of tasks completed on time)

3. Aged Events dashboard

The Aged Events dashboard focuses on open events and for how long they have been open for. You can easily filter on the specific types and see how many events of the filtered types are still open and for how long / since when the events are open as well as what the average duration in days (calendar days) is.

Currently the dashboard categories the event duration in less than 7 weeks, 7 - 8 weeks and open more than 8 weeks. Similar to all other Insights dashboards it is possible to drill through to the record details and see detailed information about the events.

4. Root Cause Analysis dashboard

The Root Cause Analysis dashboard should give a a basic understanding of common causes of events. The main reason is without being able to understand the root causes of events, it is hard to know what mitigation actions to take, such as training, replacing systems, revising policies/procedures etc. In a risk world, this root cause analysis may point to a badly designed controls or even missing controls.

🚀 We hope these new dashboards will help you gain valuable insights and make more informed decisions within the GRC solution.

🙌 As always, if you have any questions or feedback, please don't hesitate to reach out to our support team ([email protected]).

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