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When accessing the preliminary list for the first time, simply input your company profile to get started. This step ensures that your company receives comprehensive issue recommendations tailored specifically to your profile for the best possible experience.

  1. Navigate to an assessment and click on your chosen one. You should be able to see the pop-up dialogue.

  2. Select the industry group from the list.

  3. Select an area of focus from the list.

  4. Select the number of employees in your company.

  5. Select the location where your company is based.

  6. Select the preferred framework you would like to work on.

    1. You can also select Other and input your preferred framework in the free text box.

    2. Note that you can select multiple frameworks at once.

  7. Select the reporting currency.

  8. Click Save and close.

Legend: Example of a company profile that has been completed

Note: This will impact your recommended set of issues, so we recommend inputting the correct information of your company.

A preliminary list of issues will be suggested based on your inputs for Industry, Sub-industry and Framework that you want to comply with.

For any option that isn’t available, we will provide you with a library of issues and a custom issue mechanism to work with.

Edit your profile

Your company’s profile can be edited from settings. This will not impact the issues recommended in the preliminary list.

  1. Click on the settings icon in the bottom right hand corner of the main dashboard.

  2. Make the required edits to your profile.

Click Save and close.

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