❗️Error: This rights protected document cannot be opened because the Rights Management feature has been disabled by policy.

If you receive this error, it indicates your IT department has created a group policy in your company's Active Directory. It disables the use of ADRMS (Rights Management Feature) across all users. The document needs to communicate with Ansarada's server to verify its license to open. This is an extra layer of protection that provides a virtual paper trail of who is accessing each document and when to the Admins of your Room.

You will need to ask your IT department to disable or alter the group policy so that it does not apply to the users who need to access secured Microsoft Office documents in Ansarada Rooms.

An alternative option is to view documents off the network on a personal computer or a mobile device if your company allows it.

Still having trouble?

If you're still receiving the error, contact Ansarada Support.

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