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Edit Team security settings
Edit Team security settings

Editing document security settings for Teams.

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ℹ️This feature is only accessible to Admins.

Security settings can be edited for a Team or Sub-team at any time during a process. Sub-teams are still part of the parent team, however they can have different security settings.

Follow these steps to edit the security settings on a Team or Sub-team.

1. Go to the Left menu. Under Manage, select either Sell side or Buy side.

⚠️Good to know: The wording on the internal and external tabs for managing Teams/people under the Left menu changes based on the Room’s transaction type. Learn more here.

2. Find the Team/Sub-team that you want to edit. 

3. Select the Item menu next to the Team/Sub-team. Then select Edit security.

4. Changed the desired settings under Access, Security controls and Watermarks.

  • Access: Control what files and folders the team has access to.

  • Security controls on/off: Turning Security controls on allows restrictions for PDF and Microsoft Office files such as Save, Print and Edit. If Security is activated for Microsoft Office files, the Copy Security control can be enabled or disabled. If Security controls are turned off, files for this Team are unsecured.

  • Watermarks: Add pre existing or create new Watermarks to apply to PDFs. 

⚠️Good to know: You can change the settings on folders, sub folders and individual files. If you change settings on a folder, it will automatically filter down to any subfolders and files that are within.

5. Select Save.

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