Freeze Deal Room

Freeze a Room so that it remains open in a read-only state.

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️ℹ️This feature is only accessible to Admins.

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Rooms are typically frozen towards the end of a deal, before it is closed. When Rooms are frozen they're still live and accessible, but no changes can be made in them and are effectively read-only.

⚠️Good to know: Prior to requesting a room freeze - Check that all users and teams have the correct access to documents including Teams that Administrators are in - As when a room is frozen Administrators are turned into Viewers and can only see what their team can view from their team security. Here is how to check and edit team security.

To Request Room Freeze -

📧 Email Ansarada Support ([email protected]) requesting that the Room be frozen. In the email please include:

  • the Room name.

  • date and time the Room needs to be frozen.

  • who should still have Admin rights post freeze

Our Support team will respond via email once the Room is frozen, or if they require anymore information.

If you are looking to close the room completely when the deal has ended, please note that once the Room is disabled no one can access it. Files saved outside of the Room under that have Security controls applied are no longer accessible. Learn more about disabling Rooms here.

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