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Browse an archive file using 7-Zip
Browse an archive file using 7-Zip

How to browse an archive with a file path longer than 256 characters using 7-Zip

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⚠️Good to know: This solution will only work for Windows users whose archives exceed the 256 character limit. These archives can be requested by contacting our support team.

This article does not apply to Mac users as Mac's do not have a character limit on their operating system.

1. Once the Archive has been completed you will receive an email with the Archive download link. Select Download archive.

2. Download the archive zip file to your desired location. Right click the zip file and select 7-Zip then Open Archive.

💡Tip: Do not extract the zip file as the system may not extract all documents due to the character limit mentioned above. This article is a guide to view and browse the structure whilst in a zip format.

3. The zip file will open as a folder structure in the 7-Zip application where you can browse the structure and open documents.

4. To open a file, double click the file and it will open as per usual in it's native program.

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