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Create your first Workflow
Create your first Workflow

Get started in your Workflow section to manage your deal with ease

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You'll notice a brand new feature with Ansarada deals! Click the workflow tab to see more!

To build components of your table, use 'Add' then select 'column', 'item' or 'tab' links in the actions bar:

1. Add a new Tab

Start by adding a new tab/sheet to your workflow for a new process, team, or function you'd like to manage from the (+) button at the bottom right of the screenshot. You can assign each of them custom security settings.

2. Insert Column

Continue by adding a column to your tab. You can customise the column’s type by selecting one of several options below, as relevant to your project:


Long Text



Date Range








3. Add Items

Begin adding items to your list. These can be tasks, to-dos, activities, or anything else you need to plan.

💡 Tip: to filter your items by category or status, use the Group by button. Your filter options will be custom to you, based on workflow Columns.

4. Grant access

Be confident in disclosing and sharing the right workflows with the right teams in your organisation! To grant access to your Tab, follow the guide here.

⚠️ Please note: when assigning a person to your task, they will receive an email notification with the direct link to view their task. If no users are shown, it means you haven’t yet granted permission to a team to view or manage the workflow.

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