Edit redacted documents

Now you can edit redaction and unredact directly in the Room.

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ℹ️ This feature is only accessible to Admins.

You are now able to redact Personally Identifying Information (PII) patterns, customisable search terms and areas in the Room. To learn how, please follow these guides: Bulk redact documents and Redact single document.

⚠️ Good to know: If you save your redacted document using the Save as option, you can only edit the redactions while the original document is still in your room. Once the original document is no longer available (deleted or updated to a newer version), the redaction marks on your redacted document become permanent and can no longer be edited.

To edit redactions again, revert the document to a previous version using the History dialog. If the original document is deleted, contact our global support teams via Live Chat or email us at [email protected] to restore the document for you 😊.

How to edit redacted document

To edit redacted document, follow these steps:

  1. Go to Manage Document (also available within Manage Submissions for Procure platform).

  2. Select the redacted document (mark with a black dot) you want to edit and select the Item Menu (three lines icon) on the right.

  3. Select Edit redaction.

  4. The redaction tool will appear on a new tab, giving you the ability to:

    1. Create new redaction marks using text, area, keywords and pattern.

    2. On the left hand menu of the redaction tool, find the Edit Redaction section to review all current redaction marks added to the document.

    3. Under Group by, choose to view redactions by either Redaction type (overview) or Page number (detailed).

    4. Choose to edit specific redaction marks or all redaction marks by checking the checkbox.

    5. Choose to add or remove a reason for the redaction marks.

    6. Choose to remove the selected redaction marks.

      Note: The color of the redaction mark is currently applicable only for Area redaction marks.

5. You have two options to save your edited redacted document: Save or Save as. Learn more here: How redaction saving works.

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