What is a binder?

A binder contains the meeting agenda along with any attached documents or reports, votes and resolutions to be presented to your board members. They may also be referred to as a "board pack or "board book".

Create a Binder

Select Binders:

Select the Board or Committee the meeting is for:

Select to start with a blank binder (1), copy from an existing binder (2), or from a template (3):

Add meeting details

Add the meeting name (required):

Select the meeting date (required):

Select the meeting time (required) in 24 hour format (HH:MM):

Add a binder expiry date (optional).

This will remove the binder from your app users (directors) after the selected date:

Add the meeting location (optional):

This can be a street address, meeting room or external link eg. Microsoft Teams or Zoom.

Directors can select the street address to view on a map.

External links will open the link in a browser, or the corresponding VC application if available.

For more information see View and Open Binders.

Select binder options

These options will permanently delete any notes or annotations made by your app users (directors) for this meeting after the selected time period.

Select meeting Attendees and Recipients

The Attendees and Recipients lists contain Ansarada Board users that have been added to the Board or Committee the binder belongs to.



A user that will receive the binder and appear on the attendee list for the meeting.

A user that will receive the binder but will not appear on the attendee list for the meeting.

To select an attendee or recipient, check their name:

⚠️ Good to know: Users must register their account before they can be selected.

Select meeting Invitees

An Invitee is an external attendee that has been invited to attend the meeting.

They will not receive the binder but will appear on the attendee list for the meeting.

To add an invitee, type their name and select Add invitee:

Add Binder Agenda Items

Agenda items can be added by dragging and dropping one or more files into the agenda, or by adding an item placeholder from the component list:

Documents in Word (.docx), Excel (.xlsx), and Powerpoint (.pptx) format will be automatically converted to PDF and must be verified prior to saving.

For more information see Document Conversion and Verification.

Item Types




Document containing Meeting Minutes


Document requiring a Signature


Define a question and set of responses


Video file to be played in the app


Categorise and group agenda items

Edit Item Details

Select the Item Name to Edit:

Select Add Duration to enter allocate an expected duration for the item (format HH:MM):

Edit Viewers

Items will be visible to all Attendees and Recipients by default.

Select Viewers:

Select or Deselect a user to add or remove them from the list:

⚠️ Good to know: Administrators cannot be removed.

Indent Items

To indent items, select the items you'd like to indent, and drag and drop them on top of the parent item:

Reorder Items

To move an item up or down the list, click and drag from the item number:

Item Actions

Select one or more items to see the available actions:

1 Remove item number

Remove the numbering for an item, for example if the first item is an external agenda document.

2 Format

Change the numbering format.

3 Restart Numbering

Restart item numbering if it has been removed.

4 Edit Bullet

Manually edit the item number.

5 Decision Required

Denote that a decision is required for this item.

6 Presented By

Add the name of the presenter for this item.

7 Hide Item Name

For users without access to this item, also hide the name of the item.

8 Update File

Select a new file to replace the item attachment.

9 Delete

Delete the item.

Still waiting on final papers?

You can publish your binder agenda first, and make updates to items when they're available. Your users will receive the agenda, any items with missing papers will let them know they haven't been published yet:

Save or Publish the binder

To save the binder for later publishing, select Save and Close:

Your binder will be uploaded and saved to the Unpublished tab:

To publish the binder immediately, select Save and Publish binder:

Select from the publishing options:

1 - Send a notification to your binder Attendees and Recipients

⚠️ Good to know: Users will receive a notification from the Ansarada Board app.

2 - Schedule the meeting in the board calendar

Add the duration for the event in minutes.

(Minimum 30 minutes, Maximum 720 minutes)

Select Yes, publish now:

Your binder will be published and saved to the Current tab:

Edit the binder

To edit the binder again, hover over the binder and select Edit:

Update an Item Attachment

Drag and drop the new attachment onto the item, or select the item and select Update File from the actions menu:

Select New File or Update:

New File


Replaces the file and deletes any annotations made by users on the previous file

Replaces the file and keeps all annotations made by users on the previous file. This option is recommended only if the file is the same or similar to the previous file.

To publish the updates select Save and Publish updates:

If you have selected to notify your Attendees and Recipients of the update, they will receive a notification from the Ansarada Board app.

When opening the meeting agenda any updated items will be noted in purple.

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