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Procure: Move files

Move files individually or in bulk within the Room.

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ℹ️ This feature is only accessible to Admins and Publishers.

Moving files in your Room is simple. You can move files by dragging and dropping them between folders or moving them in bulk.

Move individual files

💡Tip: You can now move individual files by simply dragging and dropping them into the relevant folder.

1. Go to the Left menu. Under Manage, select Documents.

2. Find the folder or file you want to move.

3. After choosing the new location, you'll be prompted to update the Security Settings of the file. You have two choices:

  • Keep existing security settings - the settings will remain the same as they were before the move.

  • Use security settings from parent - this will change the security settings to match the new parent folder.

4. Select Move.

Move files in bulk

1. Go to the Left menu. Under Manage, select Documents.

2. In the top right corner, under Actions, select Move.

3. Choose Folders and contents or Documents only.

4. Select the folders / files you want to move.

5. Scroll down to select where you would like to move the files.

6. Select the Security Settings that you want to apply to the selected documents.

💡Tip: If you tick the Notify affected users when access to a document is granted, a notification to everyone who has access to the document will be sent if/when the document is enabled.

The notifications will be sent in accordance to individual preferences set up. Admins can't control when the notifications are sent out, only if they are sent out or not.

7. Finalise your actions by selecting Move.

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