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Procure: Archive disabled Room
Procure: Archive disabled Room

Steps on how to request an Archive for a disabled Procure Room.

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ℹ️ This feature is only accessible to Administrators.

Room archives can be requested at any stage of a project. They can be for the entire Room, including Q&A, or for part of the Room. Learn more about Archive types here.

If the Room is disabled and you require an Archive link, follow the below steps:

2. Enter your Email and Password, then select Log in.

3. Under Data rooms locate the Room to be Archived.

4. Select Create archive.

5. Under Dataroom archive, select:

  • Team - Select either Admin only - full archive or the Team you would like the archive filtered by.

  • Sub-team - When selecting a Team in a filtered archive, you can choose to filter the documents by a particular Sub-team within the parent Team or all Sub-teams within the parent Team.

💡Tip: If you do not want to filter by a Sub-team or include all Sub-teams, select No sub-teams.

  • Include in Archive - Filtered archives allow you to include any disabled documents that the Team is allowed access to. You also have the ability to only request documents or Q&A. Learn about disabled documents here.

  • Truncation type - Archives contain the full file path for every archived document. File paths are however limited to 260 characters in Windows computer. You may need to truncate the file paths by selecting one of the truncation types so that you can view them on your computer.

💡Tip: It is always a good idea to check the Summary to make sure that you are happy with what is included in the archive link.

6. Select Confirm to start the Archive.

7. The Archive request will be confirmed, select Got it.

8. Once the Archive has been completed you will receive an email with the Archive link. Select Download archive.

9. If you are not logged into your Ansarada profile, you will be asked to login. The zip file will then automatically download.

⚠️Good to know: If you require the preparation of a USB Archive, please fill in this form and send it to [email protected].

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