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Move documents from Workflow
Move documents from Workflow

Move the documents you've added to Workflow into document index.

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ℹ️ This feature is only accessible to Admins and Publishers.

You and your internal team can initially upload documents to Workflow for streamlined and collaborative project management. When you are ready to securely share these documents with the the external buy-side teams, you cam move them from Workflow into the document index.

How to move documents from Workflow

To move the documents from Workflow, just follow these simple steps:

1. Choose the workflow tab or section:

  • Navigate to the specific workflow tab you want to move the documents from.

  • Click on Move documents in the top right corner of the page.

  • Alternatively, click on the tab's Action Menu (the three dots next to the tab name) or the section's / sub-section's Action Menu (the three dots next to the section / sub-section name), and select Move documents from there.

2. Select the documents to move to the document index:

  • After clicking the Move documents button, a pop-up window will appear, allowing you to select the documents you want to move.

  • Once you've chosen the documents, decide if you want to Create folders from tabs and sections.
    If you're moving documents from the tab level and choose this option, the tab name becomes the main folder, and sections and sub-sections become sub-folders, as demonstrated in the example below:

    ℹ️ Note: Un-sectioned documents are housed within the tab folder/ main folder.

  • Click Select target folder, then choose the folder where you want these documents moved.
    ℹ️ Note: You can also specify whether the moved document(s) should be enabled or disabled on the right hand side. Security is always inherited from the parent folder.

  • Finally, click Move documents to move the selected documents to the chosen folder.

  • A small notification will appear in the bottom right of your browser window when the process is complete.

🤔 Things to note

  • When you move documents, they will be removed from the workflow tab.

  • After moving, an automatic link to these documents will appear in the workflow tab under the column Linked Documents. You can access the documents by clicking the provided links, which open in a preview window. Alternatively, you can click the pop-up button to view the document in the document index.

  • You can move a maximum of 500 documents at a time from a workflow tab to the document index.

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