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Move documents from Workflow
Move documents from Workflow

Move documents you have uploaded into Workflow directly into the Manage Documents section.

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ℹ️ This feature is only available to administrators and publishers in the Deal Room.

You can move documents from Workflow into any folder you have access to by following the steps below:

1. Next to the tab, a 3 bar icon will appear to the right when the cursor is nearby. Open the menu by clicking this icon, and select Move documents.

Alternatively, to the right of any section in the first column, there will be a small 3 bar icon, click this to open the menu, and select the Move documents option.

2. Once you click the Move documents button, a pop-up window will appear, where you can choose the documents you wish to move. Once you have selected the documents you wish to upload, click Select target folder.

3. Select the Target folder then click Move documents to move the selected documents into the folder you have selected.

Note: You can choose whether the file(s) moved are enabled or disabled on the right hand side. Security is always inherited from the parent folder.

4. Once completed, a small notification will appear in the bottom right of the browser window.

⚠️Good to know:

  • Moved documents will be removed from the Workflow section.

  • The documents that are moved will be put into folders.

  • The tab name will be the name of the parent folder for the documents moved.

  • Sections will produce sub-folders, and un-sectioned documents are housed within the tab folder, as shown below.

  • Once the documents have been moved, an automatic link to the documents will be created in Workflow under the tab name Linked Documents.

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