Request Access for Guests

Guests can now request access for other users. Send a request for access to the administrators of the room.

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ℹ️This feature is only available to guest users.

Your team/colleagues may not be inside the data room, and need access.

Please see this guide if you are an administrator looking to manage these requests.

Follow the steps below to see how you can request the administrators of the room to grant them access:

1. Go to the Left menu. Under View, select Request access.

2. At the top right, or in the centre of the screen (if you have not requested access yet), press the Request Access button.

3. A pop-up window will appear. Fill out the form with the appropriate details to request access, and hit Request when finished.

⚠️Good to know: New registrants will appear in this menu for you to review. People in this list do not have access until Administrator add them to a team. You may want to suggest a Q&A role inside the Reason for request, however the administrator will assign them based on their own preferences.

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