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Workflow Details Panel

Get a detailed view of items in Workflow with the Details Panel

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Follow these steps to open up the Details Panel in Workflow:

1. Hover over any item in the title column (first column), the row will be highlighted in Grey colour and ‘Details button pops up.

2. Click on the ‘Details’ button, the Details Panel will open, and the row that you selected will be highlighted in green.

Note: The Details Panel will display the same information as in the table view expanded into the panel layout.

3. Make any edits required in the Details Panel. Any changes made in the Details Panel will automatically be updated in the table view. Click ‘X’ on the top right corner of the Details Panel, or anywhere outside the Details Panel to go back to table view.

⚠️Good to know: Any user who has access to the Workflow tab will be able to open the Details Panel, Learn more about Workflow security and access here.

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