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Notify via Workflow
Notify via Workflow

Send email notifications through Workflow to assign tasks, tag, or update other users. Learn the different ways you can send notifications.

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There are two ways you can notify another user through Workflow.

⚠️ Good to know: You will only be able to notify other users who also have access to the same Workflow tab.

Method 1 - Assigning via 'User' column type.

When you are inside one of your Workflow tabs, under a 'User' column, a list of people who have access to the tab will be selectable from the dropdown menu in every item row.

Select who you would like to assign the item to via the dropdown menu, and an email notification will be sent to the user. The notification will bring the user to the item that was assigned to them.

⚠️ Good to know: You can assign tasks in bulk, learn more here.

Method 2 - Tagging in the Details Panel Comments.

Open the Details Panel and navigate to the Comments section.

Write any comments and use the '@' symbol to bring up a searchable list of users who have access to that Workflow tab.

Once you tag the user you wish to notify and press 'Add comment', an email notification will be sent to the person you tagged. The buttons on the notification will bring the user straight to the Details Panel with the comment open.

Please note that these comments in the Details Panel exist only within the Details Panel and will not be displayed in the table view of Workflow.

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