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Keep your data room - Document Repository
Keep your data room - Document Repository

Keeping your Data Room live as a secure central file repository after the deal

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Don't lose all of the hard work you've done!

We know that Great organizations begin with great organization. Don't go through the pain of double handling your work. Whether you've raised capital, sold an asset, merged companies or completed and IPO, now, for a low cost, you can keep your documentation always on and always up to date in the Ansarada platform.

Need to refer back to documentation during the post-merger integration, share information with Auditors & regulators or securely share a file with investors for monthly reporting?

No double handling - your documents that you prepared during your deal are ready in the platform.

Never send a risky sheet again

With our Secure File Share tool, you can share your company documentation with trusted advisors, investors, auditors or regulators with bank-grade security, document destruct and tracking.

Always on. Always organized. Always ready

Ansarada Always™ becomes your central repository after the deal. Your team can easily continue to upload, securely store, organize, locate, collaborate, edit, annotate, redact and share single documents internally or with your advisors, investors or auditors in an instant.

Take quick action on documents, workflows and tasks with audit trails inside the world's most secure platform.

Never worrying about version control and security - we provide bank-grade protection and granular security settings.

It's high value at a very low cost.

Make life easy with Ansarada Always™.

Opt for deal room freeze or document repository.

Option 1: Deal room freeze

The room is frozen; no changes to the current document index can be made. However, the external side will still be able to access the room and will allow you to finish any post-completion tasks whilst checking the documentation.

Option2: Document repository

Continue uploading information to the room without external access and make use of the features listed above. Great for companies who need to pivot quickly and act on the information already prepared by you.

We've reduced the barrier for you to continue to get your business in order post deal, to find out more please reach out to our support team [email protected] 📧.

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