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Help speed up troubleshooting by generating a HAR file to analyze for issues.

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To troubleshoot issues, we may require a HAR file which records network traffic and to highlight where any issues occur during the network requests. 

How to generate a HAR file

 ⚠️ Before sending the HAR file to Ansarada, ensure to remove/censor any sensitive information using a text editor (i.e. remove passwords, etc).

  1. Open Safari.

  2. In Safari, go to the webpage in question.

  3. Enable Developers Tool: Safari > Settings > Advance > Click Show Develop menu in menu bar (Afterwards close the window)

  4. Select Develop in menu > Show Web Inspector > Select Network tab

  5. Within the Networks tab, select Preserve log option, buy clicking on

  6. Refresh the page to replicate the error and allow Safari to record the browser-website interaction. 

  7. Once the page is loaded, click on Export on the top right in the window of the Network tab.

  8. Select the Console tab and screen capture the errors.

  9. Send both files to Ansarada Client Success to analyse.

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