The submission tool presents a clear process for setting up submission requirements and collecting the relevant submission documents from Tenderers.

To set up your Submission Room, follow these steps:

  1. Login to the relevant Tender Room as an Administrator. 

2. Go to Settings and Enable the Tender submission settings.                                       

💡Tip This option will only appear if the Tenders Transaction type is selected

3. Enter folder structures, seperate each folder by a comma.

4. Enter submission closing time.  

 ⚠️ Good to know: You can allow your bidders extra time to submit documents after the close date. By selecting this option you can allow extra minutes or hours after the initial close date. All files will be time stamped to indicate if submitted prior to or post the closed date.

5. Once completed, select Save.

6. The Submission tab will now appear on the menu with the Submission Structure created.

7. Create the Bidder Teams, set their security access and allow access to the folders you permit the bidder team to submit documents into.

8. Invite members to the bidder team

⚠️ Good to know: The folder structure will be set once a Bidder Team is created. If you add new folders only new teams will have access to them in the structure.

9. Go to the Manage Submission Section and Start the Submission

⚠️ Good to know: Administrators will be able to see the progress of submissions during this time but will be unable to open the documents uploaded until the submission closes.

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