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Cancelling of Contracts

Frequently asked questions in relation to cancelling contracts

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I am on a month to month contract and disabled the dataroom the day after receiving my next invoice. Can I discard this invoice?

Payment of month to month invoices are due in full or part thereof for the month. If the dataroom is disabled on the day or days after the invoice is raised, the invoice is payable in full. You can make full use of your subscription by re-enabling the dataroom for the remainder of the billing period. By disabling the dataroom does not cancel your subscription, your account will continue to be charged. You can contact our friendly support team who will assist you further at [email protected].

I am on a 12-month subscription contract that is billed monthly. If I disable my dataroom after e.g. 7 months, will billing cease?

As you are signed up for a 12-month contract, you will continue you to receive invoices for the remainder of the 12-month period which are payable in full. We can issue a final invoice for the remainder of the contract period. 

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