ℹ️ This feature is only accessible to Admins.

You are now able to redact text, areas and patterns within the Ansarada Data Room.

⚠️Good to know: This functionality is currently in BETA release

What does beta release mean?
Beta release is an early release of a feature where there are improvements to optimise the experience still needed. Beta release for Redaction is a transaction ready tool you can use in your data room to safely and securely redact documents. This release may run slower than normal as we optimise processing and saving of redacted documents.

To redact text, areas, or patterns in your PDF documents, please follow the below steps;

1. Go to Manage Documents (also available within Manage Submissions for Tender transactions)

2. Click on the three lines next to the PDF

3. Click on Redact. This will take you to another window where you can select the type of redaction you would like to utilise.

4. Select either Redact text, Redact area or Pattern redaction

5. Depending on which option you select you will be prompted to use different commands to redact your PDF.

Redact Text - Press "T" to redact text

Redact Area - Press "R" to redact area

Pattern Redaction - Will highlight emails

6. Once you have selected the above and highlighted the text or areas this information will be redacted.

⚠️Good to know: The redacted file is larger in size. It can be between 2x to 10x bigger than the original file depending on the number of pages and number of redaction marks within the file. This is being optimised in the beta process.

💡Tip: You will need to select the type of redaction each time before selecting the text, area or pattern

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