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How to Redact Single Document
How to Redact Single Document

How to redact single PDF document

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ℹ️ This feature is only accessible to Admins.

Our Redaction tool in the Ansarada Data Room has been having some upgrades, check out how to bulk redact multiple documents here: Bulk Redaction 🐿️

1. How to open redaction tool

In the Manage Documents (also available within Manage Submissions for Tender transactions)

Click on the three lines next to the selected PDF and select Redact

2. Add redactions

In the redaction tool you you have the ability to create redaction marks a number of ways.
At the top of the page when you open the document you will see 3 buttons.

Redact Text

  • Press "T" for shortcut.

  • Redact text lets you highlight any text in the PDF and create redaction marks over the top of that text.

Search keywords

Sometimes we know you just want to add specific keywords or phrases into the search box and remove those results found.

  • On left hand side of page click in the search box and add keywords or phrase

  • The results will show in page view with all the individual instances.

  • You can select a few or just choose to redact all of them in just 2 clicks.

Redact Area

  • Press "R" for shortcut.

  • Redact area lets you create a box a over any area in a PDF.

  • You can also change the colour of that Redacted area in the Edit redaction section.

Redact pattern

When we have recognised patterns available to redact in your document we let you know by saying the number of patterns found.
We have added this to take a lot of the manual search work out of it, but we still recommend to run your eyes across it.

  • Select the pattern you want to redact and the results will show up int he Search field in the left hand side of browser window.

  • Select all instances found or just the individual instances then hit redact at the bottom of the page.

  • Repeat steps above if there are more patterns you want to do.
    Secret 🐿️ : watch this space for a new functionality currently in development.

💡 Tip

You will need to select the type of redaction each time before selecting the text, area or pattern!

3. Patterns available to redact

New patterns are now able to be recognised to PDF's that have been added after Monday 13th Feb 2023.

Pattern Heading



Names of people


Job types or roles held by a person


Companies, political groups, musical bands, sport clubs, government bodies, and public organizations. Nationalities and religions are not included in this entity type.


  • Medical: Medical companies and groups

  • Stock exchange: Stock exchange groups.

  • Sports: Sports-related organizations.

Street address

Full mailing address

Phone number

Phone numbers (US and EU phone numbers only)


Email addresses


URLs to websites

IP address

Network IP addresses


Dates and times of day


  • Date: Calendar dates

  • Time: Times of day

  • DateRange: Date ranges

  • TimeRange: Time ranges

  • Duration: Durations

  • Set: Set, repeated times



SWIFT code

SWIFT codes for payment instruction information

Credit card

Credit card numbers.


IBAN codes for payment instruction information


Depending on countries & languages, for example for Australia:

  • Australia bank account number

  • Australian business number

  • Australia Company Number

  • Australia driver's license

  • Australia medical account number

  • Australia passport number

  • Australia tax file number

Documents previously uploaded:

If you want to redact these new patterns on existing documents uploaded before 13/2/2023 you will need to re-upload them so they can go through the recognition process.

4. Edit Redactions

On the far left of the screen there is Edit Redaction section where you can go through all the current redaction marks you have just added to the document. This page currently groups them as individual instances.

  • Select the instance/s you want to edit

  • Set a reason as to why its redacted or remove that redaction mark.

  • Colour of redaction mark currently only for Area marks.

Secret 🐿️ :

Soon you will be able to group them by "Redaction type" to make it even easier to get a high level view of all redaction marks. 😉

5. Saving

You have two options to save your newly redacted file.


This will replace the current version of the document with the new redacted version.

Save as

This will create a new copy of the document. You can re number and also re name this document on the next screen and choose the location to store it in your document index.
Then choose the security setting on that new document.

Note: all new redacted documents will be disable as default.

Only enabled files are visible on the Document Index and you'll need to keep the original so you can continue editing your redaction.
You can disable the original and enable the redacted version so only the redacted version shows in the Document Index.

6. Helpful tips

⚠️ Good to know

The redacted file is larger in size. We have optimised this process and the file can be between 2x to 4x bigger than the original file depending on the number of pages and number of redaction marks within the file.

⚠️ Troubleshooting

Please also note that redaction may not work on PDF documents that contain digital secured signatures.
If there is an issue with your PDF document, please re-save it using the guide here and try again.

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