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How to replace an existing file in the room with an updated version

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ℹ️ These features are accessible to Admins and Publishers.

The room will automatically detect matching files that has the same name, type and location. When you bulk upload, files that matches these conditions will replace the older versions in the room.

If you want to hide a file from the Document Index and upload a different one, follow the embedded links.

💡Tip: Secured files (secured from a previous Deal Room or password protected) will be rejected. To upload the file, please remove the security. Once the file has been uploaded into the Room, you will be able to apply Ansarada's Security controls. Learn more about Security here.

If one of the conditions doesn't match and/or you would like to manually replace a file with another, here is how:

1. Go to the Left menu. Under Manage, select Documents.

2. Go to the 3 lines icon next to the file you are going to replace > Edit

3. An Edit document window will appear. Go to Browse > select the new file > Open. The file explorer or finder window will close. > Hit Save on the Edit document window.

⚠️ Good to know: If the original file is enabled, the replacement will upload as enabled and be immediately available in the Document Index. Learn more about document status here.

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