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Microsoft for Startups - Manage subscription
Microsoft for Startups - Manage subscription

MS for Startup customers can subscribe to the bespoke package and continue getting value from Ansarada after the free term.

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Microsoft for Startups customers can update their billing information, input payment details and convert to a subscriber. This will allow you to continue to make use of our premium features after your initial free term.

If you have specific questions regarding your subscription please reach out to [email protected] or reach out to the Microsoft founders hub team.

Simply follow these instructions to convert to a paid plan prior to the end of your free term:

  1. Go to your profile in the top right.

  2. Select your company name (if you haven't input this it will say "unnamed account")

  3. Select Upgrade.

  4. Select Choose plan.

  5. You'll now be prompted to update both your billing details and your payment details.

  6. Enter your company address including company name, physical address and post code.

  7. Once this is complete you can input your card details and click Update πŸŽ‰.

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