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All you need to know about data overages.

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If you exceed your data tier, you will be charged for additional data packs. Please note, overage costs are calculated per pack per month over the remaining subscription term.

You can view additional costs for exceeding your data subscription plan here:

The additional data is captured at the peak usage for the billing period. If you remove the additional data at a later date during your subscription term, the overage charges will still apply as credits are not given for reduction of data.

📌 Please note, a later date could be anywhere from 1 day to 1 year plus based on your subscription plan. Please ensure you select the correct data plan to suit you and your customers’ needs.

If you have removed the additional data from the room, please send written notification, of the overage removal prior to renewal to [email protected] so we may exclude the additional data packs from the renewed subscription period.

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