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Learn more about how to change the billed entity.

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During a contracts lifetime many changes may occur to the billed entity which will may result in the need to update the entity name or entity itself who is paying for the contract.

If this occurs please send through an email to request change of entity ([email protected]). Once we receive the request, we will reply requesting the new entity details. In our email we will also ask that you acknowledge that you understand and expressly agree to the below:

  • Due to XXXX original company XXXX executing the original Agreement with Ansarada, XXXX original company XXXX will remain wholly liable for payment in the event of non-payment of this account: [Agreed / Not Agreed]

  • In no event will Ansarada be liable for any inadvertent disclosure of confidential information as a consequence of issuing the invoices to the new corporate entity [Yes / No]

After we receive your acknowledgement, we will make the changes at our end and confirm the change of entity has been complete and issue an invoice under the new entity when due.

💡Tip: If you've subscribed to the Ansarada platform via e-commerce, you can easily update your billing information by following the steps here: Manage Subscription: Update Billing Details.

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